When it comes to diving, Grand Comore is a special place and rarely frequented.
Diving is pleasant as it takes place in crystal-clear, warm water ( 24 to 30 degrees °C ) with little current. Coral Reefs are in pristine condition.

With warm, clear water with almost no current, you’ll swim along side dolphins in Itsandra where our diving center is located, explore the Massiwa wreck and dive along side prehistoric marine species or rare ones such as the coelacanth, sea turtles and the very impressive and peculiar looking dugong.

Several diving sites are available along the coast. Each is open to all, from beginner to experienced diver ( depth: 0 to 215 feet ).

We enjoy an exceptionals sites:

the Vailheu Bank, a deep-sea coral reef where pelagic fish roam
the wreck of the “Massiwa”, a 260-foot cargo ship located north of the island. The dive is carried out fully inside the wreck •…